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Podology Service

Podology; As a branch of science dealing with foot health and diseases, it stands out as a discipline that continues its studies in cooperation with specialist physicians to offer preventive and preventive treatment methods in healthy feet and in cases of foot diseases.

Podology is a more specialized type of orthopedic science, and since it focuses only on the foot, it provides much more successful results in solving foot problems.

Fungus Treatment

The symptoms of onychomycosis seen in the toenails are seen in the nails. The fungus, which can spread to a wider area starting from the nail tip, causes thickening and discoloration of the nail. The nail fungus, which manifests itself in white or yellow color, is asymmetrical. It causes nails to break quickly and deformities. Nail fungus, which is usually seen in the big toe, can spread to other nails and hands over time. You can contact us immediately for Fungus Treatment.

Ingrown Nail Treatment

Ingrown nail is a common problem where the corner or edge of the nail sinks into the soft flesh. It is most commonly seen in the big toe and causes complaints such as pain, redness and swelling. Treatment of ingrown nails is usually possible at home with various applications. However, if the pain is severe or spreading, it is useful to seek professional help to avoid possible complications. If the person has a health problem that weakens the blood flow to the feet, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, the risk of complications due to ingrown nails is higher.

Medical Hand Foot Care

Medical hand and foot care; It covers the auxiliary health practices performed before or to accelerate the treatment of some skin and nail diseases, which are the problems of many people in daily life. In this case, it is very useful to get support from professionals who do their job professionally. Hand and Foot care is extremely important in terms of increasing the quality of life of the person as well as personal health and aesthetics.

Diabetic Foot Care

For diabetic foot care, the feet of the diabetic patient should be checked every day. Every part of the feet, under the toes, between them, sole, heel should be examined. Not only the upper parts of the foot that are easily visible, but also other parts of the foot should be reviewed. For this purpose, the patient can also use a mirror if necessary. It should be noted that the eyes of diabetic patients may not see well. It is best that the daily control is done by the relatives of the patient. During the controls, attention should be paid to redness, swelling, color changes, hitting, peeling, blistering, and whitening between the fingers. As soon as one of them is seen, it should not be neglected.

Thickened Nail Care

Understanding the cause of thickening and trying to reduce the triggers as much as possible is the first approach. First, the thickened nail layer is thinned. Thus, the pressure created by the thick layer on the nail bed is relieved. Then, as an additional support to periodic maintenance, nails are tried to be structured with the help of nail serum. If it is caused by a deformation in the nail bed, onycoplasty or tape systems are aimed at painless treatment without impairing the quality of daily life.

Callus Treatment

In very advanced cases, the callus may need to be removed. In the treatment of very thickened and hardened calluses, that area is softened for 7-10 days with various creams and drugs. Then the callus is removed from the softened area and cleaned. In the cryotherapy method, the callus is destroyed by freezing.

Wart Treatment

There are many different methods for the treatment of warts. These can also be performed with salicylic acid medications, which are recommended by the physician and allow you to be treated at home, or cryotherapy or laser methods, popularly known as wart burning operation, can be applied by the doctor. After the wart treatment, the area can be completely healed. However, depending on the immune system of the person, there are cases where it recurs from time to time in the following periods.

Deformed Foot Care

The deformity of the nail and the resulting thickening can be applied at any age due to reasons such as foot blow, operation (nail extraction, etc.), wrong shoe selection, wrong nail cutting, and the use of some medications that are constantly used. Deformation can be resolved when it is noticed in the early period and followed up under the control of a podologist. It is very common for permanent deformities to occur in nails with a long history. Therefore, it may require regular technical maintenance that cannot be provided in domestic conditions.

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