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Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up is an ideal application for people who want to be well-groomed under all conditions. Women who do not have time to do makeup or are tired of wearing makeup all the time may have eyeliner, lip contour and highlighted eyebrows. Permanent make-up is also frequently applied to women who have lost eyebrows, have gaps in their eyebrows, and do not have the desired eyebrow shape.

Permanent make-up is the application of natural dyes produced for skin use on the skin by means of a needle.
The most important distinguishing feature of this method, which is generally likened to tattooing, is that it will remain for a certain period of time, not for a lifetime, since it is applied to the epidermis.

Permanent make-up applications are applied to 3 separate areas for eyebrows, eyes and lips.


It is the application frequently preferred by spilled, intermittent or thin eyebrows. You can choose the eyebrow design application for looks and appearance compatible with your facial structure. In the application, which is done without disturbing the natural eyebrow structure, the hair lines are tightened with a natural appearance and remain symmetrical. Thus, in the application of eyebrow design, also known as 4D eyebrow design, a natural eyebrow appearance that looks like one's own eyebrow is obtained.

Lash Lifting

Lash lifting makes the lashes look long and voluminous for a certain period of time. It is applied only to the roots of natural eyelashes and is also known as keratin treatment. In order to change the structure of sparse and voluminous eyelashes, you can choose lash lifting application to have full and voluminous lashes without make-up in your daily life.

Silk Eyelashes

Silk eyelash applied on your original eyelashes is actually a process applied to give your eyelashes a lush and striking appearance. In this way, it is aimed to get rid of the short, sparse and weak appearance that you complain about. The eyelashes, which are made of truly pure silk, are adhered to your own eyelashes one by one, in accordance with the shape of your eyes.

Lip Coloring

Lip tinting is a permanent make-up process that is applied without leaving the lips' own frame line. Permanent lip coloring aims to give a much brighter and fuller appearance to the lips, which fade over time and tend to lose their natural color. In fact, this is exactly why this procedure is also called lip rejuvenation; Because after this procedure, your lips will look much younger and fresher.

Hair Simulation

Hair simulation, in its roughest terms, is the permanent make-up applied to the scalp. Of course, the process is not as simple as in permanent make-up. It can also be defined as the process of leaving a dye that can be removed from the body after a certain period of time with special needles between two skins on the head.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner application is the name given to the thin eyeliner tattoo process made at the bottom of the upper eyelashes. Permanent eyeliner is usually made in black, it can be arranged as a tailed or tailless eyeliner according to the person's preference.

Permanent Dipliner

It is the process of grafting permanent make-up dyes to the area where the eyelash line is located, with specialized devices. The permanent dipliner application, which you can have in the length and thickness you prefer, will save you time and energy.

With Permanent Makeup

It is possible to always look well-groomed and beautiful
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