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Medical aesthetic applications that have developed with advanced technology have emerged as alternative solutions to help recover the sagging and wrinkled skin, which changes depending on aging, environmental factors and lifestyle. The most effective among these alternative solutions is the FDA-approved Endolift application.

Endolift, which is one of the most preferred applications among non-surgical face lift techniques, is a combined laser treatment that offers skin rejuvenation and face shaping together. It is applied with air cooling only, without the need for a surgical operation, incision and anesthesia in the sagging of the face, chin, neck areas and bags under the eyes. With the Endolift treatment, which promises rapid rejuvenation in a short time, lasts only 45 minutes, and is applied without the need for incisions and anesthesia, immediate results are achieved.

How is Endolift Applied?

In this method, which is not a surgical operation, a hair-thick (200 or 300 micron) microfiber tip is directly intervened in the sagging area under the skin. It is a laser lifting application that transmits energy at a wavelength of 1470 nm. Endolift, which is a combined laser application that offers skin rejuvenation and face shaping together, leaves no traces after the procedure thanks to the fibers directed by vector micro tunnels in the opposite direction of gravity. With this application, the result reaches a visible level within minutes. This application, which does not require incision and anesthesia and is performed with only air cooling, is much easier and painless than traditional surgical applications.

After the application, a reaction in lipolysis is observed on the skin and the oils that cause sagging disappear. Recovery is observed in sagging due to lubrication. In the area where it is applied, the collagen formation, that is, the self-renewal process of the skin begins. It activates the metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix. Localized excess adipose tissue is reduced. The skin tightens. Jaw line and facial contour become clear.

Application Areas of Endolift Treatment

  • Mid face lift,
  • Tickle melting and recovery,
  • Clarification of the jaw line,
  • Correction of lower eyelid bags,
  • Upper eyelid drooping, eyebrow lifting,
  • Tightening neck lines
  • Tightening of the skin, opening in wrinkles such as deep nasolabial (lines extending from the edge of the nose to the edge of the lip) and marionet (lines extending from the edge of the mouth to the chin),
  • Melting of asymmetries and excesses formed by filling,
  • Breaking the fat accumulated in the knee,
  • Tightening the excess skin accumulated on the kneecaps,
  • Cellulite treatment.

Advantages of Endolift Application

  • Does not require anesthesia, only air cooling is sufficient,
  • It shows a long-lasting effect,
  • One session of treatment is sufficient,
  • Does not require incision, does not leave traces,
  • No bleeding or bruising,
  • It is an easy-to-apply procedure that can be applied in a clinical setting,
  • It does not require a recovery period after treatment.

It is made with air cooling, it does not require anesthetizing. Pain is minimal.

One session is enough.

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