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Filling Applications

Filling applications are the process of removing the traces of time and fatigue from certain parts of your face and body and to capture a more pleasant appearance.

Our Filling Processes;

Hyaluronic acid-based injections are preferred to repair the damage left by the sun on the skin, to remove wrinkles on the skin and to resize/shape the face.

Hyaluronic acid is the most preferred filler among filler applications.

What Do Filling Applications Do?

Thanks to the filling process, it is possible to fill fine wrinkles, pits, light and moderate nose and mouth lines.

The most advantageous point of filling processes is that they can be applied in a short time without scarring on the skin and add a youthful expression to the person.

The filling process is often used in the lips, nose and face areas. In addition to the wishes of the person in the lip augmentation process, the person’s face proportion is also very important.

The person’s facial structure, age, the length of the distance between the lips and the nose should be considered as a whole, and touches that suit the person should be done without exaggerating.

With Filling Applications

Erase the Trace of Time from Your Face
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