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Porcelain Veneer is popularly known as “porcelain veneer”. There are many different misconceptions about porcelain veneers.

Porcelain crown is a permanent veneer treatment for teeth. Porcelain crowns are divided into two as “metal porcelain” and “full ceramic”. Both coatings have advantages and disadvantages. One of the two is decided in accordance with the points in the preference of this treatment.

What is Metal Porcelain?

The most popular type of porcelain supported with metal. It is closed with the metal upper part at the bottom, it has an aesthetic stance, but an opaque paint used to cover the metal makes this paint look more saturated.

What is Full Porcelain?

A full porcelain or ceramic veneer looks good, but may not be as durable as metal backing. Still, many consider it a good choice, especially for the front teeth.

How is Porcelain Crown & Veneer Made?

If it is decided to make a porcelain crown in the first examination, local anesthesia is taken and the process of your tooth begins. Measurements are taken and your temporary coating is fitted. The porcelain color suitable for your teeth is decided.

In the second examination, the infrastructure of the crown is rehearsed. With the infrastructure approved in the third examination, the crown is rehearsed, its contacts, anatomical, biological compatibility and integrity are checked and adhered.

How is Porcelain Veneer Care?

If you want a long-lasting use, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your porcelain crowns. In particular, the edges of the teeth that support the prosthesis and the gingiva need to be cleaned well during brushing.

The most important care in porcelain crowns is the cleaning of the plaques between the teeth and gums. To prevent breakage and damage to porcelain crowns, hard substances should be avoided in feeding.

Porcelain Veneer is suitable for use throughout life. However, it is necessary not to miss the maintenance and inspections over time.
Porcelain Veneer is made completely in line with the request and approval of the person. This process does not damage the teeth and ensures a longer life.
Until the Porcelain Veneer is attached, your function and chewing movements will be fitted with ‘temporary teeth’.

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