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Orthodontics, that is, braces, is the department that deals with the causes and treatment of mismatched and crooked teeth and mouth closing disorders. Your dentist or orthodontist should decide for braces, ie orthodontic treatment.

Information including clinical examination, dental plaster models, special x-rays and photographs are needed to create an accurate treatment plan and to determine if your teeth need braces and treatment.

The average duration of braces orthodontic treatment is 24 months, but this period may vary according to the age of the person and the situation of the case.

Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

Situations that should not be done and habits such as using a bottle or pacifier for a long time, thumb sucking, nail biting cause orthodontic disorders. It is very important that these habits are treated and abandoned as early as possible.

In cases where the tongue is larger than it should be in terms of structure, and there are gaps in the extracted tooth, gaps appear in the teeth. If the jaw structure to which the teeth are attached is small and the teeth are large; teeth do not fit in the jaw and crowding occurs.

Early or late loss of primary teeth can also cause crooked teeth. The permanent tooth in the mouth slides into this space instead of the milk teeth that fall out of the mouth prematurely. As the teeth that need to come out cannot find a place for themselves, crowding occurs.

What are the Tools Used in Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Transparent plaques
  • Movable Orthodontic Tools
  • Fixed Orthodontic Instruments
  • Screw Tools

What are Orthodontic Treatment Methods? How Does the Process Proceed?

Orthodontic treatment consists of several stages. First of all, your orthodontist should examine you and see the extent of crooked and incompatibility problems in your teeth. Then you will be told in detail which treatment method will be suitable for you. The preparation stage is started and at this stage, it is checked whether there is any cavities in your mouth. If there is, it definitely needs to be treated. After oral care is done in detail, the preparation phase will be completed.

After the measurements and analyzes are completed, you can be offered treatment options. The reason why there is more than one treatment option is that it is a treatment method that varies from patient to patient. These changes vary according to the jaw structure, tooth and mouth structure. Then your treatment begins, necessary procedures are provided, and these processes are planned to develop from control to control.

One of the most important points to be considered in orthodontic treatment is not to skip control appointments. It is very important that you go to regular check-up appointments in order for the treatment to progress properly and healthily.

The length of treatment will depend on the problem a patient has.

When you encounter any problem, you should see a doctor after 7 years of age. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment.

The orthodontist not only aligns your teeth, but also aligns the relationship of the two jaws, so it is almost often necessary to treat both jaws.
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