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Laminate Veneer is one of the dental treatments performed within the scope of smile aesthetics. This method, also known as leaf porcelain, is performed to eliminate the aesthetic negativities in the teeth.

The method that will affect the health and aesthetic condition of your teeth more positively is frequently used by dentists.

Laminate is generally obtained from porcelain material, the plates adhered to the teeth vary between 0.3 and 0.5 mm. The leaf adhered to the tooth surface gives shine and provides a smooth appearance.

Why is Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) Made?

  • Laminate Veneer, which saves time and provides a rapid aesthetic benefit;
  • Designing your smile,
  • To eliminate color differences, shape and tooth disorders,
  • To close tooth cavities,
  • If there are cracks and fractures in the teeth,
  • If teeth whitening is desired, Laminate Veneer is applied.

How is Laminate Veneer Made?

Specialist dentists at Abacı Dental and Aesthetic Center will determine the most suitable method for you and begin the procedures.

In Laminate Veneer application, local anesthesia will be applied to reduce the sensation in the area. In order for the tooth to be placed on your tooth, the surfaces of the front teeth will be abraded in the size of the leaf tooth coating.

There would be a rehearsal by taking measurements for the abraded area and there would be a process in front of you to complete the process.

Teeth prepared in accordance with your tooth structure are placed.

With correct and good oral care, they can use Laminate Veneer for a long time. Laminates are resistant to staining and abrasion, however, oral care must be taken to prolong their life.

They should be careful about grinding their teeth, chewing hard food, biting nails and biting hard objects. In addition, they should not neglect the controls.

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