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Endodontics is also known as root canal treatment.

It is applied in case your tooth is infected or severely decayed.

It should not be ignored that it is an urgent treatment for the tooth. If your doctor has talked to you for this treatment, you should start your treatment at Abacı Dental and Aesthetic Center without wasting time.

What is Endodontic Root Canal Treatment?

Endo means internal and donti means tooth.

The department of endodontics deals with the treatment of diseases of the tissues surrounding the tooth itself, as well as living tissues such as veins and nerves in the inner part of the tooth, called the dental pupa.

Dentists dealing with this branch are called Endodontists.

You can achieve correct oral health with the best root canal treatment at Abacı Dental and Aesthetics Center.

In Which Situations Is Endodontics Used?

Canal treatment, that is, endodontics, is applied in cases of tooth decay, fracture or infection.

You can get service from our reliable doctors for endodontics, root canal treatment and many other oral health procedures.

Tooth discoloration, hypersensitivity to cold and heat, pain that starts spontaneously, especially at night, and swelling due to abscess on the face.

It is a painless type of treatment performed with local anesthesia.

After the treatment is completed, care should be taken not to chew on that tooth until the top filling of the tooth is completed.

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