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Tooth veneer is made for the loss of substance of the teeth for various reasons or for aesthetic purposes. It proceeds with the same logic as the word meaning.

In cases where the loss of material caused by caries or trauma cannot be repaired with filling, it is one of the treatment methods to replace the lost teeth for placeholder support in order to change the appearance of the teeth aesthetically.

The materials used for dental veneers can be metal or non-metal. The infrastructure material is metal or ceramics are made on materials with a dominant aesthetic feature and a natural appearance is provided.

Dental Veneer Treatment

You can have a perfect tooth appearance with veneer treatment.

How Is Dental Veneer Made?

Especially in the results of unwanted dental diseases such as decay, the veneer method can be preferred for cleaning the caries and regaining the old appearance of the tooth.

Coating can be achieved by using many materials such as ceramic, porcelain and Zirconium.

Fast and Reliable Dental Veneers

The veneer treatments a ABC Dentl and Beauty Center are carried out quickly with reliable hands.

State-of-the-art dental veneers made by hand in laboratories are produced in accordance with the dimensions and tissues of the teeth to be coated.

If you are looking for a reliable company for a quick treatment, you can contact Abacı Diş ve Aesthetics immediately.

Gum disease should be treated first, then Teeth Veneer can be done.

As long as it is used correctly, it has few disadvantages. Your doctor will make your treatment specifically for you.

Veneers are renewed without damaging the teeth.

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