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Dental implant is the method that provides the closest tooth to the natural tooth after tooth loss. In this treatment, it can be applied to a single tooth of the patient or to all teeth.

A screw made of titanium is used as the root of the tooth and a piece is placed on it. Therefore, it creates a welding condition to the bone and creates a useful feeling like a real tooth.

What is Dental Implant & Implantology?

It is the treatment that consists of placing a titanium screw instead of the root and covering it with porcelain in order to eliminate the image that occurs after tooth loss.

In this method, there is no interference with the neighboring teeth. In fact, there is no known or emerging harm in implant treatment.

If you want to have teeth with a natural look and feel instead of your lost teeth, call and make an appointment.

You can perform cutting, chewing and similar operations with a permanent and real tooth feeling, no different from your own teeth.

Who Is Implant Made For?

  • For Those Who Have Tooth Deficiencies
  • Oral Tissues for Healthy Individuals
  • For Individuals with Sufficient Jawbone Dimensions
  • For Individuals Who Don’t Have Too Much Clenching Habit

When Do Teeth Become Ready in Implant Application?

After the implant is applied to the jawbone, it needs a period of healing and fusion with the bone. This may take 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-4 months for the upper jaw. At the end of this period, the construction of the teeth on the implant can begin.

Your implants will have a long life if you do your oral care without skipping and go to your routine checkups every 6 months.

The implant can be applied at any age. In fact, tooth loss is more common in older age groups. However, it is necessary to wait for the age of 15 for girls and 18 for boys.

Bone volume is very important for implant application. In patients with insufficient amount of bone, this situation can be corrected with various operations.

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