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Body Practices

Tüm hijyen standartlarına uygun, koşullarda vücut sağlığınıza uygun hizmetleri de gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Powershape, Soğuk Lipofiz ve Klasik Masajlar ile size hizmet veriyoruz.

Vücut uygulamaları ile rahatlamanızı ve kendinizi iyi hissetmenizi amaçlıyoruz.


There are also aesthetic hospitals that prefer to do lymph drainage massage to the patient who comes out of the Powershape device, or you can make an appointment suitable for the department you want to be examined through our system. The aim of lymphatic drainage is to ensure that the already fragmented and liquefied fat is removed from the body faster. Session times are about half an hour, and it is necessary to take the procedure twice a week to get effective results. You can also get it by phone.

Cold Lipophysis

Cryolipolysis is the general name given to the fat freezing application. In this procedure, fat cells are cooled to certain degrees. During the treatment, other tissues are not damaged and thus the fat is removed from the body. It is one of the most effective weight loss methods used by people who have not been able to get results from diet and exercise programs to lose weight.

Classic & Medical Massage

We need massage in order to get rid of the tiredness of daily life and to gather energy. It is possible to relax with a successful and appropriate massage. The important thing is to actually choose the massage you need.The simplest and most beautiful way to get rid of the negative energy in the body, to relax the muscles and to have a healthy and fit body is to leave yourself in the hands of a massage specialist who is very good at this job.