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Remove Moles | Plasma Energy

Remove MolesPlasma Energy

Remove Moles

Moles can occur congenitally or later. There are many different types and they are harmless lesions. Some varieties should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who is competent in the job because of the risk of being confused with skin tumors or turning into skin cancer in the future.

In order for moles not to turn into a bad disease or to avoid a skin cancer that we do not want, it is absolutely necessary to do the removal of moles.

There are some tricks to know about moles. In order to understand them, we can give you some small clues on this subject. Namely; The mole is larger than 0.5 cm, its edges are irregular, if it is a dark mole, the color contains dark and light colors, its borders are irregular, it has recently tended to grow compared to normal, and it is numerically excessive.

Plasma Energy

It shows its effect by ionizing the air between the skin tissue and the device. With this ionization, the air in between turns into plasma energy, which is the fourth state of matter. In other words, the device treats moles with plasma effect. For this reason, it is possible to define the method as plasma therapy and call it as the Plasma Implant method.

Plasma energy, which is used as an alternative in aesthetic surgery procedures, transforms the water vapor and nitrogen in the eyes of the application areas into plasma using high energy and provides its effect on moles in this way. The ion clouds formed at the end of this interaction act on the surface of the skin tissue and provide rapid regeneration.

The treatment of moles with plasma energy can be used in the treatment of moles that are on the same plane with the skin, that is, not raised from the skin, as well as in the treatment of mole types called puffy or skin moles.