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Laser Epilation

Laser epilation provides hair removal with the effect of laser beam reaching the roots of unwanted hair on the skin, without damaging the skin. This method, which is applied to get rid of unwanted hair, is applied regardless of men and women. The process applied varies according to the structure, color, hormonal status, age and gender of the hair. In order to permanently remove the hair root, it is important to make an individual application.

Laser Epilation What are the Applied Regions?

Laser epilation can be applied to all parts of the body except the eye socket and the inside of the ear. The effect of the laser beam can be adjusted according to the structure of the hair in the area. The person’s skin sensitivity and hair structure are given importance and do not cause any problems on the skin.

Laser Epilation Is There Any Damage To The Skin?

Laser epilation is a detailed and sensitive process with technological developments. Laser epilation applications do not cause any harm to the skin.

Although this application is usually done arbitrarily, it is also preferred by people who have dense hair problems. The laser epilation process, which can be applied to all parts of the body, ensures the removal of hair follicles to a large extent.

In applications, the laser beam sent to the hair follicles is sent in the same wavelength in a controlled manner and prevents hair growth by eliminating the hair follicle. Thanks to the cooling system during the laser process, the pain is minimized during the process.

Lazer Epilasyon Uygulamalarında Hangi Cihazlar Kullanılıyor?

Lazer seanslarımızda Sopranoice Platinum kullanılıyor. Son derece etkili orjinal buz lazer yöntemidir.

Laser Epilation How should the frequency of the sessions be?

In laser epilation procedures, the frequency of sessions varies according to the hair structure of the person, skin structure and the area to be applied.

Epilation applications usually give permanent results at the end of 7-8 sessions. While the session interval for applications to the face is 4-5 weeks on average, this period is between 8-10 weeks for body applications. After each application, the time between sessions is extended.

It can be done if high factor sunscreen will be used to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun.

As the hair follicles are completely burned with laser beams as a result of the correct application, the result of the procedure is permanent.
Thick hairs are completely affected by the laser beam, while fine hairs are not.

Buz Lazer

Ice laser is a device that provides painless epilation by adding an ice cap to the ironing application, which creates a big leap in epilation technology. It is the most painless and comfortable way to get rid of unwanted hair forever for women and men. Soprano Ice is the patented brand of this advanced technology. Ice Laser cools the skin during application thanks to its sapphire contact cooling tip. With the special program created according to 6 different skin types, it can be applied on any skin type and hair type without any problems. This technology, which can reach unlimited number of shots because it uses energy by dividing it, clearly surpasses traditional laser epilation methods. far behind.

Alexandrite Lazer

Alexandrite lasers are a type of laser used on thick and black hair. As with other types of lasers, it is used in all parts of the body, but for the face, it is necessary to undergo a doctor's control. Alexandrite laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women. Alexandrite laser targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicles and kills the hair follicles. Alexandrite laser is a painless and painless laser beam method performed at certain session intervals. It is applied at a distance of three cm from the skin without contact with the skin. Session durations may vary depending on the hair type and skin of the person. Alexandrite laser is used on open skin types.

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